Meet Dale

Head of Soap Making
Brief info

Dale decided to give a DIY dog shampoo recipe a go in late 2017, an apple cider vinegar recipe for natural cleaning ingredients. Buddy Bubbles was born!

Dale wanted to create a business that would not only impact pets, but people and the planet positively. After going through many failed attempts at creating and containing dog shampoo recipe's, he looked into creating his first dog soap bar.

Dale now uses the dog soap as a focal point In the business. His love for dogs has always been there since he was a kid. Dale has had many dogs along the years, but Buddy the Borador was his first dog after moving out of his parents.

Buddy is a Border collie X Labrador. He is 2 years old and is always keen on trying out the latest Buddy Bubbles soap. Buddy is a true inspiration to Dale, along with his wife to be and little girl.