Bubble Bar Dog Soap (65g)

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Dog soap is a fantastic tool to keep your dog smelling good between baths. Our bubble bar dog soap is a great natural way to make your dog smell good all day long. Zero waste pet living at its best, the bubble bar is designed for ease of use and maximum cleaning power. A dog shampoo bar with 5 fantastic benefits for keeping your pet clean all year round! 

  1. Zerowaste product with no plastic involved 
  2. Natural and Organic Ingredients to keep your dogs skin shining 
  3. Easier to use than bottled dog shampoo 
  4. Less mess when washing your dog 
  5. Not as much product required so cost effective 

Keep your dog smelling fresh with this eco friendly alternative to traditional great dog shampoos. Try one today and join Buddy Bubbles impacting pets, people and the planet positively!