Dog Soap, a new Beginning

by Dale Parker on February 24, 2020
There are only 2 times I can remember crying my eyes out…
The first was when we had to get our big Labrador Archer put to sleep. He was a dog I’ll never forget and one I have some very fond memories with. His tail was like a weapon and one that never stopped wagging even till the very end of his life. He suffered a lot of pain in the latter stages and even though he could barely walk, he kept a smile on his face and wagging tail to match. He taught me that even when life is at its hardest, or things aren’t going your way – you can still smile.
Subsequently, the second time I balled my eyes out crying was when my partner Anne and I, watched ‘A dog’s Purpose’. It brought back a lot of painful and happy memories and really got me to realise where my true passion in life resided: with dogs.
We got our first dog as a couple in 2017, a Borador by the name of Buddy (Named after the famous elf himself!). Here’s a video of the Christmas surprise and Buddy in his Santa suite.
In the years that followed Buddy joining the family, I found myself wanting to start my own business. I had drawn up a few business ideas, one hilarious one saw me designing a mask for new dads to wear once changing their babies’ nappies. At the time, I had no experience of this but in 2019 I am about to welcome my daughter Olivia into the family. Words cannot describe my excitement!
After a few false starts when it came to brainstorming business ideas, I set up a whiteboard in my office and got back to work thinking of ideas. Inspiration avoided me, and feeling disheartened decided to run myself a bath (something I love doing quite regularly).
Upon entering the bath, Buddy decided to take it upon himself to jump in with me – he loves the water and as soon as he was big enough, began jumping into our baths and showers… bath-times might not have been as relaxing as they once were, but at least they were funny!
Suddenly the idea hit me, “what about dog shampoo?” I said to Buddy. He looked at me with his head tilted and then got back to eating all the bubbles in the bath as he normally would do. I leapt out the bath and ran back to the drawing board, using my wet towel to rub all the previous ideas off. In the center of the board I wrote one thing:
The rest as they say is history. Over the months that followed, I crafted my company values and decided I wanted to make an impact on pets, people and the planet in a positive way. Something that I’d learnt from Archer all those years ago. We pride ourselves on creating the best organic products for your dog. Who knows, your dog might even love the bath as much as Buddy!
We hope you will join the Buddy Bubbles movement, we want to fight plastic pollution and are aiming to make all our products 0% waste in the future. Dog soap is a huge part of our business and our range of shapes and sizes can accommodate any dog or owners hand size.
For more information on any of our soaps, contact us on