Mucky Mutt Mondays - Dog Soaps

Mucky Mutt Mondays - Dog Soaps

It's as easy as 1 2 3 ! 🕺

Our soaps are your dogs answer to a shiny, soft and silky coat. But what are the main reasons you should make the switch from plastic bottled products to bars? With no plastic in sight, you can wash your dog without sending anything to the landfill site.

Our dog soaps are eco friendly and zero waste. Once the bar has been used up there is nothing left (ZERO WASRE LIVING) 💚

Our dog soaps are all made from organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is fantastic for dogs skin and coats. It has a high content of Lauric acid meaning its great at fighting off any nasty unwanted smells.

Not only that it products a silky soft finish to their coat. ❣️ Grab yours and more from our Buddy Bubbles store today! (Link in bio)