Keep your dog clean this winter

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Keep your dog clean this winter

The wet and muddy months are fast approaching, we've got some tricks and tools you can use to help keep your dog clean and happy this holiday season! Mud is a problem for all dog owners, especially in the later stages of the year (Unless we decide to have a rainy summer which isn't uncommon here in the uk) Our dogs love getting dirty, rolling around in muck as well as a few unwanted items (Fox poop to name their favourite)

A bath is a perfect way to keep them clean and back out on the dog walk again, but what about using a product that not only cleans them but does it without any plastic as well!

Introducing the Buddy Bubbles Bubble bar! Featuring our signature recipe of organic coconut oil and essential oil blends, this soap will have your dog clean in around 5 minutes of washing.

But why would you want to use dog soap in the first place? Well here are our 3 top reasons:

1 - Its better for the planet

2 - Its quicker to use bars over bottles

3 - It contains organic ingredients that are fab for dogs coats Why not give your dog the best bath possible, give them a buddy bubbles bath! Use the code thanks10 and get 10% off your first order!

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