Dog Soap in the UK | Why use it?

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Dog Soap in the UK | Why use it?

Dog Soap, now where do we begin? Over the years I've seen a lot of plastic bottles go to waste, thrown in the bin and forgotten about for eternity. It got me thinking about my own business, the way I live my life and what I can do to make the world a better place. 


I think that's the real goal for me with Bubbles, with anything in general. Leave the world in a better place than I entered it. Dog soap was the first idea I had to change the way Buddy Bubbles helped impact the planet positively. I think thats one thing in particular Buddy Bubbles and a lot of other dog soap companies have. We have made this decision to help out the planet. 


Even our Dog deodorants are now housed inside lovely recyclable glass bottles. Buddy Bubbles and all the other dog soaping businesses really thank you for choosing plastic free grooming. Without your dedication to choosing a plastic free dog groom we really are starting to make a difference!


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