Dog Soap in the UK #barsoverbottles

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Dog Soap in the UK #barsoverbottles

Reduce,Reuse,Recycle! Thats the name of the game here at Buddy Bubbles

We do everything at Buddy Bubbles with the planet and pooch in mind! 🌍 🐶 Our dog soaps and conditioner are #zerowaste products, once they've been used up there is no waste going to landfill sites.

Did you know each year in the UK around 13 billion plastic bottles are used and only 7.5 billion are recycled! Thats why we decided to jump ship to glass bottles for our Dog Deodorants!

Grab yours today and tomorrow with a 10% discount! Use the code Blog10

 Thankyou to each and everyone of our customers, you're helping us keep dogs clean the eco friendly way!