24 Jun

Future plans for our dog soap!

A green bit of positivity to start this very wet & windy Monday off! Check out the gang keeping it green and organic on my lovely (soon to be not so weedy grass) I loved these shots from @rebecce_reece_photography and wanted to talk a little about my plans for the future with Buddy Bubbles.

Images by Rebecca Reece photography

1 – Future Moulds & Normal Bar

Of course we are looking into more breeds and are soon bringing the Pomeranian & the Shitzu to the Buddy Bubbles range. As well as this, a lot of people have requested a normal soap bar and thus the moulds are soon going to be purchased to do this. This will be a fantastic soap for anyone who does not want to ruin their precious dog shaped soaps, I know there are a lot of you out there who fit under this bracket!

2 – New scents

Of course the Buddy Bubbles range a quite limited at the moment as to what scents we can put into the soaps. A lot of research has been going into different scent types and what is safe for dogs. At the moment, we are now sticking to cedar wood and lavender. I am looking into a variety of other scents but more information on this will be released VERY soon!

3 – Refill Doggy Deodorant scheme & Bar Deodorant

As well as looking into having our deodorant as a bar format, I am also looking into do a refill scheme for our plastic bottles. As you know we are big on recycling and instead of just sending a new bottle to our customers each time, I want to create a scheme where we can send refills. As well as this I am also looking into a more eco friendly bottle and one so that could even be customised in the future to have your dogs name on. That’s a little bit of an insight into my next plans for the business, also I will be located at a few local market stalls so if you’re in the area keep your eyes peeled for us!

Comment below if you have any other suggestions and let me knoww what you think of the above plans!

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