03 Jun

Baby Bubbles Bedtime Story

My name is Buddy the Borador Bubbles and I live with my family who love me and take me everywhere with them. There is Mr Bubbles, Mrs Bubbles and tiny little Baby Bubbles – oh, and a green frog called Kermit, but that’s another story!

Mr. Bubbles had a small business called “Buddy Bubbles”, he makes lovely soaps that are eco friendly and smell great! I gave him the idea because I love to jump in the bath just when Mr Bubbles is settling down for s nice relaxing soak! He use to love it when I was a puppy, but now I am fully grown he is not so keen – I take up a lot of space in the tub!

Mrs Bubbles is the best human in the whole world! She is kind and gentle and laughs a lot and gives me the best cuddles! It is my job to look after her and baby Bubbles when mr Bubbles is at work. Baby Bubbles is a very small human who doesn’t do much except sleep, poop, and make strange noises when she wants something. They think my bark is loud! You should hear baby Bubbles when she gets going!!

Mr and mrs Bubbles get a lot of visitors now that the baby is here and some days I am quite exhausted making sure she remains in safe hands. It is my duty to guard the house too, so I bark very loudly whenever anyone walks by – this usually makes Mrs Bubbles speak a strange language but I guess she is just praising me.

Mr Bubbles is just the best friend a dog can have. He wakes up every morning come hail rain or snow to take me out for a run. My ball comes with us because Mr Bubbles likes to play this game where he kicks the ball towards me and I have to catch it …..sometimes I miss on purpose just to see him running around in circles waving his arms in the air- it makes him so happy!!Silly Mr Bubbles! We do everything together when he is not working – he has a lot of energy, just like me.

I am a big black Borador, one parent was a Border Collie and the other a Labrador, so not only am I smart but I’m good looking too! Mr Bubbles washes me regularly because I love water and I also love mud! He uses the special soaps he makes and my coat is beautiful and glossy- I smell nice too and that makes Mrs Bubbles happy, maybe she should try some on baby Bubbles! I love my family and my family love me – we will have lots of adventures together. Life for Buddy Bubbles is good. The End

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