14 Mar

Baby Buddy Bubbles

Hey everyone!

I know it has been a while since I’ve written in the blog, there has been a lot happening in the Buddy Bubbles Household.

In February, we welcomed the arrival of our beautiful baby girl Olivia. It has been such a crazy month and I cannot thank the staff at Cramlington hospital enough. They were all amazing and helped out so much (Especially by bringing me and the mrs plenty tea and toast)

Buddy with Baby Olivia (New best friends)

After a much needed rest from our time in the hospital, it was time to get back to work. In the month that has followed Olivia’s birth, we have since got our soaps into a local dog groomers, it has been amazing seeing our products in store.

Very proud Moment! (Wallsend Dog groomers Little Paws)

Thank you all for your continued support with the Buddy Bubbles movement, it has been amazing to read everyones feedback as well as seeing all your doggy pictures. Our soaps have started to sell quite well in the dog groomers, it is truly amazing to see the soaps on a shelf in a shop.

Don’t forget to send more to info@buddy-bubbles.com

Look forward to speaking with you all soon!

Dale, Buddy and baby Olivia!

Family photo!

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