02 Jan

How to be an eco-friendly pet owner

Simple steps to turn you and your dog into a more eco-friendly pair!

We are all becoming more aware of our carbon footprints, every single day. The amount we all collectively waste on a daily basis is shocking, and although we try to recycle when possible, that just isn’t enough to help the environment.

With that in mind, we should be thinking about our pets, too. What about their carbon pawprints? Hands up if you don’t think twice about the toy your dog is chewing on or the plastic bags used to clean up their wonderful mess in the park?

It’s easy to forget that these things add up to an even bigger problem in the form of pollution and landfill. That’s why Buddy the Borador has put together a little guide on how you – and your favourite canine – can help make the environment a little greener and cleaner again.

Read our tips on how to be more eco-friendly below, and if you’ve got any to add, let us know in the comments section!

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Walk – don’t take the car.

Instead of driving to your favourite beach or the local park to walk your dog – just, erm, walk there as well!

Not only is this a great form of exercise for both you and your pet, but the environment will be ever so thankful, too.

We all know a car’s emissions can seriously pollute the air, and short car journeys are the worst culprits. Make the most of the (occasional) sunny weather and ditch your car completely – and watch the steps on your FitBit shoot up.

 Snacks for your pet.

Of course you’re going to feed your dog a treat every now and then – or every other hour, we won’t judge – but be mindful about what you serve that snack on. It’s easy to grab a piece of kitchen roll or paper, but think about where it’s going to go after your dog has eaten its treat.

Paper can be recycled, but that’s not ideal when your pet has had its mouth all over it… The only resort for that is the bin. So instead of using paper, use a reusable dish for your dog’s snacks.

Do you have a small plate already in your cupboard that you know is never going to be used? Use that! You’ll have to wash it afterwards, but you’ll feel a lot less guilty about doing that than throwing away paper all the time.

Towels are a dog’s best friend.

Set the scene: You get in from a walk with your dog and they are covered in mud, dirt or some other questionable substance. A standard situation, right?

Instead of reaching for the likes of even more kitchen roll, simply buy a cheap towel or use an old one already in your home.

It’s going to save you money, and it’s going to mean less paper towels being thrown into the bin and into landfill. Just remember to keep the towel stored away in a safe place so others don’t mistake it for their own…

Eco-friendly toys are a thing.

You would be forgiven for thinking the toys your dog chews on are fine for the environment. It’s so easy to forget the often harmful materials used in making such products.

Instead, purchase eco-friendly toys that are made from the likes of plant fibre or recycled materials like suede and cotton. Green and Wilds has a great selection of such toys, and just because they aren’t the most colourful things ever, that doesn’t mean they aren’t as equally fun for your pet.

Eco-friendly shampoo is also a thing.

You’re probably aware that some of our own shampoos and conditioners contain harmful chemicals. Think about the microbead ban that’s coming up in June to tackle the use of them in bathroom products, too.

If you’re conscious of what you’re putting on your own skin, think about your dog’s as well. There are great quality products out there that are good for your pet’s skin and, although they’re a little pricier, your money is going to make your carbon footprint seriously reduce.

Buy some biodegradable poop bags.

It’s probably the worst part about having a pet – why can’t they just train themselves? But when they’ve got to go… Biodegradable bags are the answer to the annoyance of your dog needing its toilet in the middle of a walk – or better yet, your garden.

You can get them from the likes of Wilko or Asda and they’re as cheap as your usual plastic bags that go straight in the bin. But biodegradable bags are far better for the planet, and these from Asda are just £1 and apparently smell like vanilla. If it’ll mask your dog’s smell, you’ll try anything, right?

Don’t chuck old things in the bin.

It sounds silly but just because your dog doesn’t necessarily play with a certain toy anymore or wear a certain collar, you don’t have to throw it away. Does your dog have an old lead that never gets used or would they rather sleep in your bed than their own?

Take these items to a charity shop, a pet shelter… Places like this are always looking for donations – we’re positive landfills are already inundated with these gifts!


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